Weekly Community Activities


As you all may be aware, I take the presidency and this community seriously.

I have made friends along the way that will hopefully last a lifetime, and so I am indebted to this app for bringing me together with some great people.

As such, if I see there is anyway to improve the community, I will…and I have.

I, DivockJohnson, am proposing a weekly community activity organized by myself, Wave, and any of the staff that wish to assist me in this. Wave and I have brainstormed different games we can all play together as a community to facilitate bonding and help us get to know us other. Please suggest any others you would like the “Activities Committee” to consider.

-Rocket League (Tournament Style)
-Football Manager 2018 Online Draft Mode (League Style)
-FIFA 18 (Tournament Style)
-Haxball (Casual Pick-up)

I will be giving out more information in the coming days hopefully, in the meantime please get more people onto the forums so this will properly run with an adequate amount of people.

Yours truly,



I am planning to do the first weekly community event tomorrow at around 4pm GMT or 11am EST. We will decide what the activity will be when we gather a nicely-sized group. Please let others on CrowdScores know, and spread the word about these forums.

Signing off again,



Community Day is starting in under 30 minutes everyone!



This week I have decided to end early due to lack of attendance. We will try again this upcoming Saturday the 10th. :bread: