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I don’t want to reveal my username incase people get mad at me for this post.

So I’ve been on crowdscores for about a year now and I really like it. I used to be really involved in the comments section but now I barely comment. (On the English chats, I only speak English) Because now I don’t really like the comment section. There is too many unnecessary comments which provide no value at all to the comment section. On many matches the discussion goes off topic and now I can’t talk about football anymore. Because someone will say ‘I have won against Liverpool on Fifa! Yay!’ or something like that. Or the comments goes off topic to something not related to football at all. I used to have discussions about football all the time about a year ago when the comments in all matches were just football related. Not off topic at all, and I got to hear peoples different opinions about things like players, teams, managers, fans etc.

Now, as I said, I barely comment. I feel like other communities on crowdscores, like the French. Keep their discussions football related (I may be wrong). But us English, go off topic on every match now that keeping the discussion football related most of the time is just extremely hard.

Today, I didn’t comment on any FA cup match. Everyone was just commenting jokes, and some suprised me when I saw some jokes about different races. I think these jokes are unacceptable and should not be on crowdscores.

Infact, on the Cardiff match today, someone made an offensive joke about Jews, and typed ‘ahahaha’. This comment was not removed! I would’ve replied to this comment but my reply would’ve been ignored anyway. I can’t believe some people think it’s ok to make offensive jokes about backgrounds, religion, race etc and laugh!

The arguments with the Turkish, all could’ve been avoided if everyone went into the Egyptian chat, and because there are barely any Egyptian users on this app. The whole issue could’ve been avoided. During this incident I saw comments about Islam, people calling it a ‘corrupt religion’, ‘stupid Islams’ etc. These comments have no place on this app, some of them have not been removed.

And some users have only joined this month and have got well over 1000 comments!

I also think that certain users on this app (not revealing any names) have no place on this app because they do not contribute anything worthy to the comment section

I really hope the staff do something about this situation, I will always have crowdscores. But now I’m thinking of just logging out and not commenting at all. If staff want my username I will happily give it to them in private. But not to the public.

This is my view at the moment, I hope people understand me so this topic doesn’t turn into a massive argument.

The comments section should be a place to talk about football, the match etc. It shouldn’t be a massive playground.



This is a commonly held opinion, and one I publicly hold. My view is that this all went downhill as soon as staff moderating of comments decreased. Staff used to interact with us regularly on the app, so I am sure you remember. However, now they have a reporting system and a spam filter, neither of which work effectively. If the staff were to begin moderating in the fashion they used to and take a proactive stance in the community, I would wager we would all see an improvement in the app as a whole. For now, all we can do is try to ignore them, report inappropriate comments when they arise, and focus on talking to those who are using the app for what it is for. Football discussion and banter.


I know I’m probably to blame for this, Dan here btw, the app started it’s downward spiral last year. I know it was quite a lovely app before I came along. Sorry about that



Thanks for taking the time to write that and I am sorry to hear that the comment section hasn’t been as enjoyable for you of late.

We’ve changed our approach to how we interact with the community recently and it clearly has not had a positive effect. We assumed that our automatic moderation would be able to cope and, whilst it stops a lot of spam or unwanted comments, it is not sufficient.

I assure you that we currently working to resolve this and improve CrowdScores for all users. I’ll be able to give you more details of how in the next week or two.



We are aware of this and are making changes to how we work so that staff will be more active and prominent in interacting with users.

Also, in the near future we want to add moderators from the community to help us make CrowdScores safer.


@Albion - You actually are fine, your comments provide value because you always post about predicted lineups, transfer news etc. This is mainly about the more recent users who have been on for not as long.


Oh God, you mean me don’t you? :grimacing:



I look forward to it, thank you for the update. I hope I am right in my assertion that more staff interaction will improve the community. I trust the moderator process will be thorough and will take into account many factors? I hope it turns out to be just as good an idea in practice as it seems on paper.


@Everton_Forever - I don’t want to name any names, as said in the original post I don’t want to cause an argument or hurt someone’s feelings.